Monday, June 15, 2015

Walking in the Woods

It's been a simple day with the grandkids.  Roseta and Jake have been outside playing all day.  They've made friends here at the campground so they are busy.  We interrupted their play for a two mile hike in the woods. 

Jake found Wild Blackberries and Huckleberries to eat along the way.  We went through a few old orchards overgrown in the woods, the plums and cherries weren't ripe yet.  The cherries will be ready in a few weeks.  The hike ended at the lake.  Roseta cartwheeled her way down the lawn to the lake.

Amazingly she wasn't dizzy after all those cartwheels.  Kids!!
Life is good in the sun with the grandkids. 

Square dancing friends:  We will be going up to Mt.Vernon for the state festival which starts on Thursday.  We had no firm plans for the next month so we decided to head on up there for the weekend of dancing.  Have wheels, will travel.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Marshmallows & Cousins

Roasting marshmallows with the cousins.
It's been good times for Roseta and Jake with their California cousins.  We are camping at Mosseyrock State Park with the extended Crites family.  Glenn flew in from Texas and Bear, Shanna and the kids flew up from California.  The weather has been perfect for a family reunion.

Jake gets ready for the fire dance.  Just kidding.

Jake asleep with Eva sleeping on top of him.
It's been a very good time with family.... life is good.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hanging Out With Family

We've been back in Washington state for a week now.  The first several days were spent in Toutle with Terri's brother and SIL.  Shan and Beth have a brand new motorhome and had not taken it anywhere yet.  We took a couple days helping them get it set-up and ready to go.  Than we took off for Mosseyrock State Park.

Beth referred to themselves as "virgins".
Beth and Shan had a good first outing in the "Coach".  If you spend enough money it is not an RV or a motorhome, it's a "Coach".  We teased them the whole time by using our British accents when saying "Coach".

The Coach
We left the RV behind and drove the Honda up to Tacoma for a visit with the grandkids (and their parents).  We caught up on a little bit of business we have ignored in the last 9 months we have been away from the state.

Today we are with my sister until we drive up to Kirkland for Granddaughter Phoebe's high school graduation.  I can't believe she is 18 and graduating.

This is what happens to little babies.
They grow-up in the blink of an eye.
 Friday we will be heading back down to Toutle to join a family reunion with the Crites side of our family.  Rosetta and Jake get out of school at noon, so we are going to steal them away for 3 days of camping.

The best part of coming back to Washington is grandkids.  Life is good for Grandpa.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Multnomah Falls
Today we moved on to Ainsworth State Park.  The park is East of Portland, Oregon next to the Columbia River.  It is located along a 14 mile historical old highway that was built at the turn of the century.  There are a half dozen very large waterfalls located along this stretch of narrow 2 lane road.

After we got the motorhome settled into place we drove the Honda to each of the falls to hike and view them.

Horsetail Falls
Wahkeena Falls

Bridal Vail Falls

Two of my moms favorites - Waterfalls and Queen Annes Lace.
Nice walks today with great falls.  Life is good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm Married to a Crazy Woman

Proof I am married to a crazy woman.
How did we spend our Tuesday morning?  With my crazy wife trying to kill me.  The photo above is evidence that Terri wants me dead. 

It was a quiet morning that began with the two of us hopping in a rubber raft and enjoying a peaceful ride down the Deschutes River in Central Oregon.  Our guide, Wellman, was a professional who assured me that we would have a fine time. 

A nice beginning to a nice day on the river.
We started nice and slow.  A few minor rapids to get settled in for what was ahead.  All is going well at this point.  Our guide happened to mention that the river has increased it's flow to the highest point this year. 

We're doing just fine.
And then we fall into a whole.
Wellman is shouting orders.  Terri is rowing like a mad woman.  I am holding on for dear life.  I can see what's coming next, I'm no fool, I hold on tighter.

Who flushed the toilet?
Where did Russ go?
I can be found behind that wall of water.  Terri is screaming from pure joy.  Wellman is still barking orders.  I'm buried underwater.   I must love my wife for letting her talk me into this.
Starting down into the next toilet bowl.
In the end we were all fine.  I was happy to be alive.  No one was hurt.  You may ask what Terri's first words were when we finished?  She said......
"Can we do that again?"
I had my feet back on solid ground.  I told my dear wife that I needed to dry off before I could answer her question.

I explained to Wellman that perhaps I had enough for one day.
Life is good..... I am glad to be alive.