Friday, March 29, 2019

Good Bye Mazatlan....Hello Buckeye

It would appear that I have forgotten how to write a Blog..... that would true, I could not remember how to log in.  The real reason is that I am a lazy bum.

Good Bye Mazatlan
Life has been unusually busy for us retired people.  Since last writing we have traveled South, purchased a home to be built in Buckeye, AZ, continued south to Mazatlan where we put our condo up for sale, it sold in a few weeks, closing took a couple months, we packed our Honda CRV with everything that would fit, drove back to Buckeye where we are living in the motorhome the past two months, purchased a whole storage until full of things to furnish the new home, been busy overseeing the home being built, purchased a pool to be installed after we take ownership of the home.  Now was that a long enough run-on sentence?

We are very happy with our new direction in life.  We both agree that it was time to move on to the next adventure.

The white line in the backyard will become a swimming pool.
As I write this morning we are camped out in the middle of the desert taking a one week break before a busy closing week on the new home (April 1-8).

My big plan for the week is to become a "rock hound" following in the footsteps of my Grandfather.  I need a variety of stones for my front yard landscaping.  Our size limit is based on what the two of us can lift into the back of the Honda CRV.  I'm not sure how we will get the "big one" out, I can hardly move it now that it's in there.

Thursday morning we were headed out to find more rocks.  As we left the dirt road we turned right and drove 104 miles to check on the progress in the new house.  208 miles later we were back at the motorhome in the desert to continue camping.  We are both a little crazy as we wait for closing day.

All is fine with us and the new home.  All the appliances are in now and the landscaping will begin Friday.

Life is good... time to paint Arizona pictures.