Saturday, July 8, 2017


Our Happy Little Home.
This spring we had a 12'x40' RV pad with 6'x12' porch and sidewalk put into the Tammi & Robby's backyard.
Tammi and Terri have been adding flowers and fencing.

July 1st was the completion of our fourth year of retirement and our fourth year as vagabonds.  We are back in Tacoma enjoying a rest before we begin our Summer travels to Canada.

As we begin year five we can look back and see how we have changed in our lifestyle.  The biggest change has been our extended travels beyond Mexico and RV'ing.  We keep adding to the countries we want to see.  Next spring we have plans to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam.  We have covered 16 countries in the last year and a half.

RV'ing has also changed for us.  Each year we have traveled less miles.  We travel less miles on our driving days and tend to stay longer at each location.  We are trying to learn to pace ourselves, but I keep overdoing my physical limits.  Yes, aging is also changing my personal limits and that is hard to accept.  My Rheumatoid Arthritis has been kicking my butt.

When we began, we hoped to get 10 years of travel and being vagabonds in before hanging up our fulltime traveling shoes.  We still hope for 10 years but I am starting to see the need to pace myself.  66 years old is still not old age but it begins to set more limitations.

We need to develope our "go slower" skills.  Is it O.K. to take more down days?  Could I lose a few pounds and get in better shape?  Can I actually not overplan our travels?  Maybe I need a few more sitting around hobbies?

It will be interesting to see what year five looks like.

In keeping with the "Four" theme, have you noticed that I have written over 400 blog posts and have had over 44,000 page views.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

Life is good.