Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mazatlan Winter Ends

Winter is over here in Mazatl├ín.  It's time to head North.  It has been a good six months but we have reached the end of our tourist visa so we will start the drive to Tucson on Saturday morning.  We'll cover 475 miles before spending the night in Guaymas, Senora.  On Sunday it's an easy 330 mile drive to West Tucson to reunite with our motor home.

We are planning on stopping in San Diego, Livermore and Touttle to visit friends and family.  We'll be back in Tacoma in the middle of April following a 2447 mile drive.

Trinity and David fly home tomorrow after their 17 day visit.  We ate at all the vegan places in town during that time.  They also did a little drinking.

We all lived through a busy Samena Santa week.  150,000 nationals come to town for their Spring vacation.  The beaches are full but we stayed in our end of town most of the time.

I finished my last oil painting of the season.  I am still working on a final acrylic painting.

Eva has had her final beach run of the year.  She will miss her runs in the surf but will really miss the hot sun most.  Her coat has grown longer to be ready for her time in the northwest weather.

Last night as the sun is setting.

It's been good being here but we are ready to head home and get ready for our trip to Europe at the end of April.

Life is good.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mazatlan Winter Coming to an End

As our Winter winds down we had our first rain in three months.  It only lasted for a few hours and we are back to sunshine.  It should be 80 something until we pack-up and leave in a few weeks.

We are sitting at Chill & Grill listening to an afternoon of live music.
We are facing East so this shot of our condo is a reflection of the sunset in the West.
Last week Terri's brother Shan and sister-in-law Beth ended their time with us.  It was a nice visit and we hope they enjoyed their first visit to Mazatl├ín.  They got to know Diego while they were here.

We ate lots of good food during their visit.
Diego is ready for adoption after 3 weeks of rehab.  He is just about finished with his meds and has gained enough weight that he is looking good.  Eva will miss their playing and wrestling.  The new owners are taking him for a trial run on Friday.  They have a female Chihuahua so he will have a new playmate.

Diego has grown a full set of hair on his bald head.
I've been painting two mornings a week this Winter.  So here are a few of the Winter's water colors and oils.

16" x 20"  Oil on Canvas
Katrina I
16" x  20" Oil on Canvas
Katrina II
20" x 48" Triptych - Oil on Canvas
Now for several watercolors on paper.

I've still got a few weeks to paint so I'll see if I can't do a "good" painting.  It could happen.  Here are a few random photos from the last couple of weeks wandering around town.

A few centuries of wear and tear on this old wall.
Cerritos fishing boats beached after sunset.
Panorama looking back at Portofino, our home.
Looking up in the cathedral in El Centro.

We come to Mexico on a tourist visa so were are only allowed to stay for 180 days.  That means our Winter must end in early April.  Oldest daughter Trinity and her husband David arrive in a few days and will spend our last 17 days with us.  When they fly out we will be driving North the next morning.  It's back to being "trailer trash".

We will wander up the West coast of the US visiting folks as we go.  We'll be back in Washington just in time to leave for 3 months in Europe.  Brussels grandkids here we come.

Life is good.  Almost time to leave Portofino until next year.