Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Old People Having Fun

Traveling in style.
We enjoyed our first day at Universal Studios.  We liked seeing Harry Potter.  Here are a bunch of photos from our day.

Life is Good.... Enjoying Ourselves.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Harry Potter

After our short stay in Washington we are aboard an Alaska Airlines flight to Orlando.  The real reason we are going to Orlando is our Grandson Andrew.  Around 17 years ago Andrew was 5 years old and learning to read.  In those days there was only one thing he wanted to read.  Harry Potter.  So we all had the joy of reading the first books with him.  From there we continued to read each new book as they came along.

Andrew graduated from Kettering University a few weeks ago with his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I can’t help but think that his early love of reading was the start of his education.  Somehow we all loved Harry Potter.

It’s time to head for Hogwarts to visit Harry.

We will spend a few days visiting Universal Studios to refresh our love of all things Harry Potter.
Next we head to Miami to board the Norwegian Pearl to begin our 17 day Panama Canal cruise.  After two days of theme park we will need the two days rest as the ship heads for Columbia.
We have completely over packed for this trip.  Last year we managed fine with our backpacks and a couple small carry-ons for 3 months in Europe.  If you saw our luggage this time you would think we were headed out for a year.
The last time we flew Alaska things did not go well.  We ended up stuck in the LA airport all night.    During my long night I wrote a letter to the president of Alaska Airlines.  His kind response means my flight today only cost $14.22.  Sometimes a well written letter is rewarded.

We will have limited internet once we board the ship, but we’ll do the best we can on blogging.
Life is very good.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Norwegian Cruise

We're out of Mexico after a great Winter.... almost.  Although we are sitting in Arizona for a few hours, we are headed back to Mexico in a few weeks.  Huh?

We are traveling back to Seattle to begin a vacation. Aren't we always on vacation?  We fly from Seattle to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World for a few days than it is off to Miami to begin a 17 day cruise through the Panama Canal.

We will be visiting 6 countries along the way, one of which is Mexico.  At least we will get to visit a new city for us, Acapulco.  Panama Canal, Panama - Cartagena, Colombia - Puntarenas, Costa Rica - Corinto, Nicaragua Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala will all be new countries for us.  And then it is back to Mexico to visit Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas. We finish off the cruise by stopping in Los Angeles before going north to our final port in Seattle.

We have a little business to take care of in Washington after ignoring things for 6 months.  We also will be leaving our wonder dog, Eva, with my cousin Sandi so that she can meet-up with her boyfriend Tyson.

norwegian-pearl-hdr.jpg (701×250)