Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We Climb the Mountain

The truth is that the SUV climbed the mountain as we rode comfortably in the seats.  An easy climb to 10,000 feet.  As we left Kihei for Haleakala National Park it was 91 degrees.  As we gained altitude the temperature dropped about 3 degrees for every 1000  feet of elevation gained.  We went from 91 to 66 in an hour.

We traveled through the clouds until finally we could look down 3,000 feet to see the tops of the clouds.  From the top we could look out and see parts of the 7 other Hawaiian Islands.

At times there were clouds inside the crater.
Looking across the crater.

The strangest sight on the mountain was a plant that grows at the summit.  The Silver Sword grows for 50 years and than ends it's life by a final blossoming before it's death.  At least it goes out with a splash.

We ended the day by watching the sunset.
Beach seats for the sunset.
Life is good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Old Man Remembers Life Lesson

This morning as we were preparing to snorkel I remembered a life lesson that I learned fifty years ago.  Not only did I remember that lesson but I showed the wisdom to apply it to my present situation.  It's remarkable that anything in my brain could be recalled after fifty years.

Here is my memory.

My brother and I had taken our ski boat to Lake Sammamish for the first time.  We were with my cousins Boyd and Danny.  Dave and I were both very good slalom skiers so I choose to go first.  As it turned out we did not know about a long sand spit that extended out into the lake.  As I was cutting a wide turn the rudder of my slalom ski caught into the sand spit.  It quickly dislodged the ski from my foot.

At this point I was running across the top of the water at 35 MPH.  As you might guess that only lasted for a few seconds.  It was then that I learned why they use sand to make sandpaper.  As I fell and tumbled the sand took off a good portion of my skin.

I spent the rest of the summer as one large scab.  It was not fun.

This mornings surf break.
As I stood on the beach watching the surf I remembered back to that summer.  After seeing what was happening I told Dave that the rocky beach with a small sand entry area might be fine for entry but the problem would come when we needed to get out.  If the surf break was wrong it would be a repeat of that summer fifty years ago.

Wisdom reigned and we decided not to chance it.  We've both gotten smarter with age.

Rocks on one side and rocks on the other side.

Thirty feet of sand to hit.... to small today.

Time to head to the mountains.  It will be 93 degrees today so it will be cooler at 10,000 feet.

Favorite wife.
Yesterday was Terri and my 19th wedding anniversary.  The biggest reason that "Life is Good" for me is her.  I am grateful for a good wife.

Falls & Flowers

The best part of todays hike to Twin Falls on Maui was the variety of flowers we saw.  If you've read my blog you know how much I enjoy the flowers we've seen in our travels.  Today added to my viewing collection.

It was a good day wandering in the jungle.

Life is good in the jungle..... me Tarzan, she Jane.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Down by the Sea

We have been spending plenty of time underwater lately.  Part of the fun of being in Maui is getting to spend time snorkeling in amazing warm water.  Kihei is on the west side of Maui and from this community there must be a dozen bays within minutes that provide great snorkeling.  All beaches in Hawaii are public beaches and most have good public access.

Lots of coral and fish to see.
My sister Sara wondered what we were seeing, so she rented an underwater GoPro digital camera.  We took a bunch of photos.  Now you have to look at a few.

Dave down looking up close.
Chasing fish.

Life is good... under the Sea.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Surfs Up, Dude

The back side of a surfing wave.  Looking into shore from our boat.  That was a BIG wave.
We got up early today to go on a snorkeling tour.  We enjoyed a day zooming around the Pacific in a fast inflatable boat.  We had breakfast and lunch between our snorkeling and site seeing.

As we walked up to the boat the two 225 HP Honda engines were running.  If it hadn't been for the cooling water coming our the side I wouldn't have known it was running.  Must be the quietest engine ever built, even running full out we could still talk sitting right next to them.  Combined with the one year old North River boat it was a great ride.

In close to the lava flows.

It was a good day.... life is good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The King Lives

Todays snorkeling was on a small bay formed by Maui's most recent lava flow, that would be in 1790.  The girls set-up their folding chairs on the rocky shore in the shade of a tree.  It  was a picture-postcard location.

The surf was up this morning due to a distant hurricane out in the Pacific.  The visibility was a little murky because of the wave action.  Still lots of colorful fish to see, it's like swimming in an aquarium.

I thought I would show you our accommodations here in Maui.  Dave and Jamie have us staying at the WorldMark in Kihei on Maui.  It's a nice two bedroom with a full sized kitchen.  We have our own washer and dryer and lots of air conditioners.  Our baby sister is roughing in a murphy bed, we've always been mean to her.

No trip with our sister-in-law would be complete without finding an Elvis show.  Last night we saw that the "King" was alive and well in Hawaii.  It was a fun show.

Dancing girls and all.
And to close out the day.... sunset.

Life is good.... of course.