Friday, February 19, 2016

Diego the Dog

We've been busy with a new house guest the last three days.  We did not expect to be hosting a visitor but sometimes life gives you an unexpected surprise. 

Eva oversees her new shadow, Diego.
Here's the story.

The last few weeks there has been a stray dog wandering around the Marina area.  We have seen the dog in the wetlands across the street and in the vacant lot/construction site next door to us.  Terri had  tried to call the pup but it would run and hide when seeing a human.  We had walked through the mud to bring it food but that was not working.

Finally Terri went to Amigos de los Animales to get a safe trap to see if she could capture the pup.  Terri set the trap early Tuesday morning.  We had little hope, but when I went to the Marina boardwalk an hour later I could hear the whimper of the pup coming from the hidden trap.

Diego in jail.
We quickly drove the car through the construction site to discover what was making the sounds in the trap.  When I saw what we had trapped I stood there and cried.  Skin, bones and buggy eyes looking up at us.  The dirty starving little dog was wagging its' tail.

After an hour of holding and hugging him it was time for a bath.  He was muddy, insect bitten and had scabs over his entire body.  Terri did her magic and picked ticks until he was free of bugs.  Once we had him clean he looked even skinnier.  His ribs were poking out and his spine looked like a alligators' spine.  His hind quarters are a fraction of the normal size due to lack of food. 

He was a mess.  But he made up for it all with his loving personality.  Within hours he was following us wherever we walked.  Tail wagging and great lap sitting are his specialties.  He's a lover.

Scrubbing the mud away.
All wet but clean.
We took him to Amigos and had them look him over.  Their evaluation was 1 to 1 1/2 years old, 2.5 pounds, a little mange, and skinny as a rat, but doing fine.  We will take him to see the vet at Amigos this morning to get medicine for his mange.

Out enjoying the sun on the deck.  Nice ribs Diego.
We will be keeping him at our place until we fatten him up and get him socialized for his future home.  If you are interested in adopting Diego let us know.

Curled up next to me on the couch.
At 2.5 pounds he fits right in my hand.
How he ended up wandering around as a stray is only my guess.  Whoever dumped him probably thought he would be picked up quickly by one of the Marina residents.  They were wrong. The poor little dog wandered for weeks while starving.  There is a special place in Hell waiting for that idiot.  Yes, I am a little mad.

I'm glad to have a wife that cares enough to do the right thing.  Good job Terri.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carnaval 2016, the "Donald" Wins Big Time

Carnaval 2016  "Mazatlántida: la alegoría que emergió de las olas" is in full swing here in Mazatlán.  Every hotel room is full.  50,000 visitors are in town.  The king and queen have been coronated.  I am going to watch the best part of Carnaval tonight, so I'll have pictures when I get home at midnight.

Carnaval in 1910

Tonight is the naval battle "Combate  Naval".  It is the reenactment of an actual naval battle that happened on the Olas Altas beach.  A sailing ship came in and began firing their canons at the small town of Mazatlán.  In the end the local Mexican population fired back and the invasion was thwarted.

Tonights battle will involve a ship sailing into the harbor and blasting about a hundred thousand of us idiots standing on the beach with hundreds of fireworks and loud explosions.

But we are not afraid because we have four embankments of fireworks, rockets and aerial bombs ready to return fire.  After the ships fire power lessens all Hell will break loose.  Several hundred explosions will rain down on the ship until the ship goes dark and disappears until next years battle.

The last battle I attended was the best fireworks show I have ever seen.  Only in Mexico would they shoot fireworks at each other.

Still to come are two days of parades.  My favorite is the night time "lighted" parade.  Below is a picture of the parade strung out over the 4 1/2 mile Malacon.

Looking down the Malacon.

A poster showing last years nighttime parade.
A tradition at Carnaval is the event called "the burning of bad humor".  Each year they pick one person (usually a local politician) to be mocked by being "burned in effigy".  Somehow it is considered an honor to be chosen.  This year the committee has dropped tradition and gone international.

Tonight a 30' tall "Monigote" of Donald Trump will be burned.  I don't care about your political affiliation, this is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

Somehow I believe that even "the Donald" would see the humor in this and be laughing his head off.  It will be interesting to see his hair go up in flames.

Only in Mexico, only in Mexico.

Life is good.  See you tonight Donald.