Thursday, June 27, 2013

First post in retirement

This is our first post to Russ & Terri Ranger's new travel blog. Terri retires in one day, on June 28th and we begin a new adventure.

We will be living in our Monaco motorhome during the 6 months of warm weather in the USA.  We are planning to see many of the 59 National Parks in the next several years.  We will be following the sun in our travels, therefore we will be living in our condo in Mazatlan from November thru April.

At the end of October we will store the motorhome in Tucson and drive the Honda Fit to Mazatlan so that we can have a car to travel in Mexico during the winters.

We have been working on this plan for over 5 years and now the time has come to begin our retirement plan.  How long will we live this new life of travel?  Simple, the answer is as long as we enjoy doing it.

Terri is 60 now and I turned 62 this month.  Terri is a cancer survivor and I have had open heart surgery, so it seems like it is time to hit the road.

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  1. Nice blog! Keep us posted on all your adventures. Happy "Last Friday" to Terri. Wish it was me.