Sunday, February 9, 2014

Two Days Left in Mazatlan

It is actually under 48 hours to departure now.  Bright and early Tuesday morning we begin the 2 day drive to Tucson.  It will be a beautiful and warm drive with no snow.

Yesterday we questioned our sanity.  78 degrees in Mazatlan and 30 something  and snow in Washington state.  Are we crazy?  Terri was up until 2:00am considering all the options.  As soon as I awoke she said, "We need to talk".

After an hour of talk our decision to leave on Tuesday still stood.  We are officially crazy.

Eva was spayed on Friday and has recovered.  She is back to being an active puppy again.  We did experience a very quiet two day as she got over her drunken stupor.  We now have a slight image of how life will be when she gets older, in several years.

I finished my last class with the 3rd graders.  They learned a lot of English and my Spanish improved only slightly.  I really had a blast and look forward to next year.  I will miss the hugs they gave to "Teacher Rrrooooos".

Last week we helped at the big fund raiser for Amigos de las Animales.  The Mazatlan Humane Society brought in 128,000 pesos which is the funds they need to function thru the summer.  Surprisingly the watercolor painting I donated was one of the first items to sell.  I was shocked.  You'll have to imagine two Flaminco dancers because  Blogger and I haven't come to terms yet, still no photos.

We have started saying our 'Good Byes' to friends here and are looking forward to our short visit back to the Pacific Northwest.

Life here the last month has been very relaxed and I'm sure my activity level would please my doctors.  A little dancing, a little to much food, a little sun, it has been just like retirement.  Have I mentioned that I like retirement.  And sun.

So why are we headed back to the cold and Winter.  To see our wonderful Grandkids.

See you all soon. 


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  2. You must roll your "R's" to be Mexican.

  3. Have a good and safe drive home. See you soon. Oh yeah, the snow is gone, now it's just cold rain. Just let me say, "I told you so."