Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 - Water, Water Everywhere

As I looked through last years photos it was apparent that we like being around water.  A water fall, a river, an ocean or a bay, we seem to gravitate toward water at every turn.

My mom was the same way.  If there was a waterfall, she wanted to see it.  I'm glad I inherited this trait from her.

Here are a few of the ways we were around water in 2015.

Behind a waterfall in Zion National Park.
A small lake hidden in the desert.  A Tarigosi village is built into the cliffs around the lake.
Winding Colorado River.
I liked my tall skinny shadow at Lake Powell.
I love the sounds of running water.
This time the water was in the form of snow.  Bryce National Park at 9000".
We're underwater in the front of the raft.
That's me screaming like a girl.
A river near McCall, Idaho.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.
Bridal Vail Falls.

On the water in Vancouver, Canada.
My brother Dave and I underwater in Maui.
Hawaiian waterfall. 
On the backside of breaking surf in Maui.
A blowhole on the Northshore.
More Maui.
Beach walking with Jake and Roseta in Port Orchard, Washington.
Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
A mountain lake in the Sierras, California.
Eva running in the Sea of Cortez.
Water, water everywhere...... it has been a good year in, near, under and around water.

Sunset last night over our harbor at La Marina, Mazatlán.
Life is Good.

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