Monday, May 8, 2017

Norwegian Pearl - Panama Canal Cruise 2017

Norwegian Pearl
We have had a busy Panama Canal cruise.  Even though we purchased an internet package the speed and data limits have not allowed me to blog during our trip.  The daily schedule made me choose  between writing and actually doing the things we were here to experience.  “Doing it” won out over sitting around writing.

Hiking through the jungle in Costa Rica.
We have experienced interesting ports in each country along the way.  A few we loved and we will add those countries to our future bucket list, a few we have been to for our final and only visit. 

Columbia - proving that drug money can build a beautiful city. 
It had been 15 years since our last cruise, so one of our goals was to see if we enjoyed the lifestyle that cruising provided.  The short answer today is NO.  The biggest drawback for us is the short amount of time that is allowed in each port.  5-8 hours is not enough time for us.

Going through the locks in the Panama Canal.
In our normal RV travels we can stay in any location as long as we are interested.  If we don’t like where we are we move along the next day, if we like a place and need more time we stay as long as we want. New Orleans required 3 extensions to our stay, after 1 ½ weeks it was finally time to move along.

Guatemala even gave us an exploding volcano. 
Now cruises can be good and bad at the same time.  The food is too good!  I find myself overeating continually.  The staff has been amazing, I may need a steward to attend to my every need from now on.
Escargot anyone?
The entertainment has been great.  We have laughed, sung along, danced, clapped and cheered each day.  Some of the music round the ship is awesome and seems to go from afternoon until late night.  Although most nights I am asleep by 10:00.
Always friendly people.
If and when we do our next cruise it will be a 7-10 day trip.  We have a short attention span and 17 days is to long for us.

It’s good to be home.  Next week we will be headed back to Tucson to pick-up the motorhome to start our Spring RV travels.

Life is good.

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