Monday, September 14, 2015

Heading South for the Winter

Tuesday morning we begin our travels South for the Winter.  It will be a slow paced drive for a little over 5 weeks.  We plan to arrive in Mazatlán on October 22nd.  We are turning a one week drive into a five week wander.

Last year my goal in traveling South was to visit every lighthouse along the West coast.  It was a fun trip .

This years "theme" is small towns.  We are going to travel old highway 395 through Eastern Oregon, Northeast California and Western Nevada.  We'll end our U.S. travels in Tucson, Arizona.

Highway 395 is from the era of Route 66 and is the historic road going from San Diego to the Canadian border.  The sections we will be traveling are dotted with small towns and a few ghost towns.

It's time to see what's there.

Life is good.... time for another adventure.

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  1. Russ, if you are travelling south on US 395, make sure you stop at Bodie Historical State Park, just south of Bridgeport, Ca. It's the best ghost town Barb and I have ever visited. Also, the Manzanar WW II Japanese Internment Camp, just south of Bishop, Ca. (also on US 395) is well worth the visit. If you are ever in the Yuma, Az. area, look us up. Gary and Jan Sandberg and Steve and Linda Washburn live there in the winter too. Stay safe and have fun.

    Mark French