Monday, September 28, 2015

Lovely Likely

We are moving slowly down historic Highway 395.  We have made it through Oregon and find ourselves in Likely, California.  We will be in northeastern California until HWY 395 cuts over into Nevada for a short while. 

The next few days we are at Likely Golf and RV Resort.  This 542 acre former ranch has an 18 hole golf course but most of the acreage is pine forest, streams and small spring fed lakes. 

There are nice hiking trails through the woods and meadows.  We saw 5 mule deer, several jack rabbits, quail, red tail hawks and dozens of different birds on todays hike.  It's been a nice place to spend some quiet time.

In the last week we have seen 100's of antelope, more coyote than we can count, dozens of wild turkey and deer of every type.  There has been no shortage of wildlife.

Another almost dry Northern California lake.
One thing we keep seeing is that the drought has left many huge lakes dry or almost empty.  The picture above is 20 mile long Lake Abert, it only has a tiny fraction of the water it once held.

We camped on Goose Lake on the Oregon/California border.  This massive 30 mile long lake has no water left.  And no geese either.

Can you imagine a lake larger than Lake Washington or Lake Chelan going dry?  It's strangely beautiful but must be awful for the farmers and ranchers that live here.

We are headed to Reno/Carson City later this week but first we're headed for a few days of boondocking in the Plumas National Forest between here and Reno.

We've managed to cover 732 miles in the last 14 days.... not a fast pace.

Life is good.

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