Monday, July 11, 2016

Prague is Amazing

I'm glad we added Prague as our final city to visit in Europe.  It has been worth the time and effort to get here to the Czech Republic.  When we began our planning it wasn't within our consideration, but I'm happy we added it to our list.

I had no idea that it would be one of our favorite cities that we have seen in our 12 weeks of travel.  We walked 5.4 miles this morning and afternoon to visit old town and the royal palace.  We're resting up and will be back out this evening seeing more.

Here are some photos from our wanderings.

We took an hour cruise on the river.

I love listening to street musicians.
And street performers.  Try this at home for fun.

Handsome guard
Not so handsome guard.

Terri now has good luck..... just rub the greyhound.
Life is good...we just walked a mile to Mexican food for dinner.

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  1. Loved the pictures and following you on your adventures. Looking forward to seeing you!