Saturday, October 15, 2016

City of Rocks State Park - New Mexico

We're at one of our favorite State Parks in the country.  We were at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico 3 years ago and we are happy to be back.  It is an amazing place because in the middle of a desert there are a whole city of boulders standing on end.  It looks like aliens came down and stacked rocks in a pattern with streets and paths between the house sized rounded boulders.

In our camping spot among the City of Rocks.
We arrived on a Saturday afternoon which is the worst time to arrive at a state park.  We were lucky, spot #2 was the last open space.  Our Karma must be good.

We are now moving West toward Tucson.  As we have moved South the weather has gotten warmer and warmer.  Most days are in the mid 80's but evening drop to just above freezing by early morning.

The Arizona border is less than 100 miles away.  We should be in Arizona in a few days, we are still on a flexible schedule.  Life is good.

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