Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On the Road to Mazatlan

"Time to go Mil."  "O.K. Bill."  That was how it went with my parents.  Once my Dad was ready to go he would say those words and my Mom always responded the same way.  They traveled well together.  Dad would drive and Mom would ride.  They were happy when they were traveling.

The other day we were heading down the road toward another state park in New Mexico.  It was going to be a short drive that day.  As we turned onto the country highway something happened.  I became my Dad.  I turned toward Terri and said, "It's time to go Terri."  She said, "O.K. Russ."

Both our minds were made up.  It was time to go to Mexico.

When we got to the next intersection we turned right.  We travel well together, just like my Mom and Dad.

We're here in Tucson getting ready to cross the border on Thursday morning.  We're almost finished with the official paperwork, the final Costco and Target run, the last purchases of art supplies at Michael's and our final chance to eat at Los Nopales (the best Mexican food in the world).

Life is good.

Heading toward home.


  1. Hey Ranger's,
    We are the Ranger's too in Virginia. I'm originally from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada but I finding other Ranger's in the states has not happen until now....We are RV'ers also and I'm newly retired but now full time yet. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    David Ranger