Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mexico.... a Short Rant with Facts

We have lived through another Winter in "dangerous" Mexico.   Once again we didn't end up dead.  As a matter of fact NO Americans or Canadians ended up dead in Mazatlan.  I have read the statistic each year we have owned our home here in Mazatlan (8 1/2 years) and each year it's the same facts.  We expats are safer here in Mexico than we would be at home in the US.

Here I go with a short rant.  The most common comment I hear when I tell people we live in Mexico is, "It isn't safe there, aren't you scared."  I thought I would give you a couple of short comparisons to put things into perspective. 

Understanding the size and scope of Mexico.

Mexico is huge, ranking 14th among the world's 249 countries, and spanning over 2,000 miles from end to end. Mexico is a nation of 31 states as diverse as those in the U.S. To put it in context, Mexico is larger than the 19 U.S. states from Texas to Maine! All those states would be the 15th largest country, right behind Mexico at number 14. In addition to 31 states, Mexico has a Federal District like Washington D.C. which is many times larger and many times safer than Washington D.C.

Canceling a vacation to Mexico because of isolated border violence would be like canceling a vacation to Orlando because of the Boston Bombings or brush fires in Colorado. These incidents are hundreds, even thousands of miles from the vacation destination. People didn't cancel trips to Dallas or New Orleans in the aftermath of mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado or Connecticut, because they simply aren't related. Yet Dallas and New Orleans are closer to border violence than many of Mexico's peaceful tourist areas.  

Mexico has very low violent crime rates.

The U.S. Assault rate is 5 times higher than Mexico’s. Mexico’s violent crime rates for Assault, Kidnapping and Rape are substantially lower than Canada’s and yet the U.S. State Department issues no such warnings for Canada. The rate for Rape in the U.S. is more than double the rate in Mexico.

The numbers in the charts below have been adjusted for unreported crime from the respected 2012 Prominix report and are the most accurate statistics available on this subject.

Unless you are involved in the drug trade, you are statistically safer in Mexico than anywhere else in North America. Even though the U.S. murder rate of 4 per 100,000 is lower than Mexico’s, tourists and visitors are statistically safer in Mexico and much less likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the U.S., Canada and many other countries regarded as safe.

While the infamous cartel crimes in Mexico are disturbing, the rate of violent crimes in Mexico is still lower than the rates in many countries thought of as "safe."

Russ's comments:   I have no interest in joining a cartel, as a matter of fact I don't want any stinking job.  Because of my career choice of being "a lazy bum" my biggest fear is falling out of a hammock or being driven over by a crazy taxi driver. 

Watch out for falling coconuts..... a real danger.
Thrill seeker and danger junkie Russ Ranger says, Life is Good.


  1. I was told exactly the same silliness when I moved to New York City! Beth

  2. I don't know if the statistics are correct or not, but I have to agree with you that Mexico is a relatively safe country to visit as a tourist than many other countries. The people in general are very friendly and always happy to help out if they can. Like anywhere else you just need to be aware of your surrounds and be respectful. We have now visited so many other countries in the world but our heart still comes back to Mexico as being our favourite, nothing else has quite matched up. Looking forward to getting back there next winter, I so miss the food and all the very friendly Mexicans! :-)