Saturday, February 17, 2018

It's Time to Hit the Road

Our snowbird winter is over here in Mazatlan.  It was only 4 1/2 months this years because we have
places to go and things to see.  We start driving north on Monday morning and will be back in the states by Tuesday evening.  A nice 750 mile drive with an over night stay in Guaymas.

Home Sweet Home
Once we retrieve the motorhome from storage in Tucson we will head north to Buckeye, Arizona to visit friends for a week.  Then we will drive to Pahrump, Nevada to once again put the motorhome into storage for another month while we travel to Asia. 

We'll continue our drive up to Washington state in the Honda to meet up with my sister Sara and my cousin Carol.  After attending to business, paying our taxes and seeing the grandkids we will fly to Bangkok to meet-up with brother Dave and SIL Jamie to begin our travels through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  The six of us are looking forward to new sites.

We've already formulated a Spring and Summer trip in the motorhome.  It is an 82 day circle around the states.  You'll be hearing more on the trip in the future.

The sun sets on our fifth Winter in Mazatlan.
Now it is back to our busy time of the year.  I have honed my skills at siesta so I am rested and ready to go.

Life is good.

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