Monday, July 2, 2018

The Laziest Blogger on Earth

My lack of blogging certainly is not from a lack of travels or adventures.  We have covered tens of thousands of miles, visited seven new states and a few exotic countries.  It is not for a lack of photos or stories to be told.

The problem is that I have become a lazy bum, but my lame excuse is that I have been busy.

I could blame the situation on my broken computer, however I've had a new one for months and still did not manage to type a word or post a new picture.  (I did finally download 1,845 photos tonight.)  So now I have no excuse.  I will back-up 5 months and begin inundating you with photos and an occasional story.

Here are a few random photos from our travels:

Just a few photos to prove that.....Life is Good.