Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gering, Nebraska

We have enjoyed our week in Gering, Nebraska.  We decided to slow down and spend the week of the Fourth of July at Rubidioux City Park.  We had been moving at a little too fast of a pace, so it was time to kick back and not move for 7 days. 

While here we visited Scotts Bluff National Monument.  It was a great drive on a windy road to the top of the bluff.  We did a couple of hikes and enjoyed the scenery.

Starting the drive to the top.

We also visited Fort Larimie National Monument and Chimney Rock  Historical Site this week.  We spaced our drives with lazy days between each trip. 

Not wanting to be too lazy I managed to wax half the RV.  Terri said I deserved the extra work, I wanted a bigger RV, now I have more to wax.

Tomorrow morning we head for South Dakota to visit Wind Cave National Park.  It will be a short 154 mile drive on county roads and highways (no freeways).  We're in no hurry so we are taking the road less traveled. 

We will be at Elk Mountain Campground which is a dry camping location within the National Park.  We will spend four days communing with the Bison and Prong Horn Sheep.  We will also tour the caves a couple of mornings.

Life has been good in Nebraska.

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