Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to Washington

We are back in Tacoma, Washington staying in Robby and Tammi's driveway.  We're enjoying the fine weather, the grandkids and their new swimming pool. 

I'm working through my "to-do" list of projects and doing a deep cleaning of the motorhome. 

As we clean out all the basement storage compartments we are purging the things we haven't used much during the last year on the road.  I have been able to cross off about half of the 35 items on my list but as I cross off a few I keep adding more to the list.  It's just like living in our old house, the list is never completely done.

The last time I wrote we were going on a whitewater rafting trip in Glacier.  It was a blast and we both got soaked but never were thrown out of the raft.  When we finished Terri's first words were, "Let's do that again."  Another day we will do another river, probably when we are in Oregon this Fall.

We did the drive home from Montana in two days.  Great mountain scenery through Montana and Idaho, but just I-90 the rest of the way with 100+ degrees through Eastern Washington.  Too warm to enjoy anything but the air conditioned interior of the motorhome.

The trip home was warm enough to make the ice cold
streams of last week seem appealing.
Our plan for the next month is to be lazy and enjoy Washington's several week long Summer.  We'll stick around until an undetermined date in September and head South when the rains start here.

We have lots of friends and family to visit and a bunch of doctors appointments to keep.

Life is good..... and it's nice to be back after a year on the road.

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  1. Glad you're back. Eager to see you! Have any free time this weekend?