Monday, August 18, 2014

Deep Thoughts....

Because we are sort of kicking back and enjoying our down time here in Washington state I haven't had much to write about.  No hikes, waterfalls, mountains passes, river rafting or any other great adventures.....just doctors, labs, and general business matters that have been ignored for the past 13 months.

So today I bring you to deep inside the mind of Russ Ranger for my 'Deep Thoughts".  We'll see where my mind wanders as we go.

Can you see the deep thinking.......
I think I have an addiction.  I already have itchy feet....I'm ready to pack-up and wander for another 12 months.  Maybe I have caught whatever nomads and gypsies are afflicted with.  After 18 days back home I am wondering what I am missing down the road.

It's only 2 months and 13 days until we enter Mexico for our winter stay.  That's 74 days to travel down the West Coast to Tucson.  This year we are going to follow the coastline down through Oregon and California.  When we get to San Diego we will turn left.

So here is your assignment.  What should we see in Oregon and California?  Neither of us has ever been to the National Parks in California. 

After river rafting on the Colorado and in Glacier we want to do a river in Oregon.  Any suggestions?

Its been over 20 years since we have been to Disneyland.  Anyone know of any deals?

What's your favorite Oregon lighthouse or coastal town?

I'm ready to hit the road but we are going to stay here until the end of August, so I have plenty of time to think and plan.

Planning life is good.... doing it is better.

It's time to find a bigger waterfall.


  1. For California, I hear that Yosemite is the most visited park in America. Perhaps there's a good reason.

    For Oregon rivers, I'm thinking I may have heard something good about the Snake River, but that's way out of the way and I'm not even sure that the Oregon part was supposed to be the good part.

    I hear that Disneyland is WAY better with a needy, whiny, unrelenting toddler.

    On the Oregon coast, I always liked Astoria. Then again, that might have been because they had arcade games.

  2. Dang! I posted a long comment on your last blog and it's gone! (Full disclosure: I probably deleted it because I'm a huge dork.)

    Sounds like SO much fun!!! I wanna go!