Sunday, August 17, 2014

Frisbee Dog

So I haven't written for 13 days, sorry but I didn't have much to say.  Still don't.  Coming back to our home town feels like vacation.  We are enjoying relaxing and kicking back.

Right now we are on our second weekend at Kitsap Square Dance Center in Gorst, Washington.  We come out here to dance and enjoy a few days at the RV hook-ups.  Eva likes the acres of lawn and is learning new skills.

Eva has always liked to play fetch, so I've decided to turn her into a "Frisbee Dog".  I have run her legs off the last two days.  She loves the chase.  She loves it so much she forgets to return the Frisbee at times.  She'll learn, she's smart.

You want the Frisbee, you come and get it.
The first weekend we were out at KSDA we brought our grandkids, Roseta and Jake along.  It was a fine time in the sun.

Three lazy youths.
But it was not all laziness.  Jake wanted to earn a little money so I put him to work.  He washed the roof and I washed the rest of the motorhome.

I believe in child labor, he like cash.  Deal.
Roseta and Terri spent hours doing the gardening around the dance hall.  Yes, she also earned her pay.  They're both fun to work with and both work hard.

I think the pattern is set, we'll be in daughter and SIL's driveway during the week and go to KSDA every weekend to dance and enjoy the setting.  It's nice to have a 60 site RV park all to ourselves.

That will change on Labor Day weekend when the place will be full with dancers and the Oldtime Fiddlers Association sharing a weekend of live music and dance.  It is my favorite weekend of the year and I am glad to be back in town to enjoy it.

It's time to go outside for some Frisbee time.

Life is very good.

Chase that disk.

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  1. While you're on your way to or from Gorst, we'd love to have you stop by Pratt Acres. Message us for our phone # and directions if you'd like to drop in. We're about 5 miles SW of the Sedgwick exit in Port Orchard. Hope it'll work out. Lar