Friday, February 13, 2015

El Quelite

I ate the best meal I've had since returning to Mazatlán this season.  We were on a day trip to El Quelite, a small town in the foothills East of town.  This was our first time going to El Mesond Los Laureanos Restaurante.

Looking down on the village from a lookout we climbed up to.

The location was beautiful and the food was even better.  I had Red Chile Beef, one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

Yes, that is a chicken wandering around in back of Sara..... she had Quail for lunch.
Many things to eat even before lunch was served.
Before we even got to lunch they brought us a plate of cheese they make in this town. There were two types of salsa and then a course of Gorditas.  All this came before the food we ordered.

Sara has Quail for lunch.
Pico de Gallo and El Quelite cheese on a chip.
Very good.
Now for the fun part, the bathroom fixtures.  Not available at Home Depot.  Real art.

An arm coming out of the wall, holding a jar..... sink water flowing from the jar.
The key on the wall was the faucet.
Here's the sink in the girls room.  Also very cool and functional artwork.

Trumpets in action... for your washing pleasure.
We wandered about the restaurant and hotel and enjoyed the sights.

Terri and Eva in the courtyard.

It was a very nice day out in the country.
Now today has been a different story.  A rain storm rolled through this afternoon.  This is not a Washington state rain storm, this was monsoon torrential downpour. We were driving back from getting our bus tickets to Guadalajara when it hit.  We drove through miles of streets that were 5 or 6 inches deep in rain.  We wondered if the water was going to come in the floorboards of the car.

The streets were flowing.

Not quite Paradise today, back to 80-82 tomorrow.
Life is good.... even with a little or a lot of rain.

I really shouldn't, but I have no class.... here is the urinal in the men's room.

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