Friday, February 6, 2015

You Could Be the Grand Prize Winner

This is my 275th post to the Lone Ranger's Blog and it is time to reward my faithful readers.  Sometime during the next day my pageview counter will reach 15,000.  It's time to celebrate.

Thus I announce the "275/15,000 Contest".

Some lucky reader will be lavished with a grand prize to reward their faithful readership.  I know that there are times that I ramble on endlessly on a subject of no interest to anyone.  But you, loyal reader, have stuck with me through boring commentary and fuzzy pictures.  Through dead tree photos and endless sunsets.  Through food photos and frivolous flowers.  Am I rambling again?

Well back to business.  I had strongly considered awarding an exact replica of the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Ring to the lucky reader, but that option has vanished.

I know a large cash prize would be nice but my dear wife doesn't turn 62 until April so her Social Security check is not available.  It's just as well, she is counting on that money to supplement her Margarita budget.

I could offer one of my paintings that I do each week at the "Women's Painting Group".  But until I improve greatly it would not be a worthy prize for the winner.  As you can see I have high standards.

I think I have a worthy prize figured out.......

A vacation in a tropical paradise.......

Sunsets to remember for a lifetime......

A room with a view.......

Yes, the Grand Prize is a vacation in paradise at the Ranger's home at Portofino Condo in lovely Mazatlán.

As all contest have rules, here are mine.

1.  We will operate on the "Honesty System".  If you see that you are reader 15,000 on the counter you have won.  Your complete honesty is appreciated.

2.  How you get down here is your problem.

3.  You will have to wait until my sister vacates the extra bedroom and that will be a month.

4.  You may stay as long as you want but please remember the "dirty socks and dead fish rule".  Guests, socks and fish get old after a while.

5. This offer is not available to ex-spouses, ultraconservatives, ultraliberals, rednecks or other irritating personalities.  Only the nice need apply.

6.  The impeccable judgment of the author will be the final judge of the winner.  My blog, my rules.

I wish you the best of luck in winning our contest and please remember what I always say.......

Life is good.


  1. I'm in!!! Love your blog, just wish you would post more pictures. Beach, sun, sand, food, etc.

  2. I didn't hit a magical number, but will you be an awesome dad anyway and let me stay there? Oh, and my husband? Oh, and my friend? Oh, and her husband?

    1. Yes, you and your hubby and friends are welcome. The more the merrier. Dad

  3. What if we just hit page refresh until it ticks up?

    1. I believe there is "Contest Karma". At any rate you always have an open invitation to visit. Dad