Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not Quite Home Depot.... Better

Even though you might think of Mexico as some third world country, I'm going to prove to you that we may be better off here than you might think.

All guys love a good hardware store.  There is nothing better than wandering up and down the isles and looking for that next "thing" that you must have.  Sure we have a Home Depot here like every other civilized place on earth, but I'm talking a real hardware store.  In Tacoma we had Lincoln Hardware, a great mom and pop place with real stuff, not plastic junk.

If you drive to old Mazatl├ín and find Zeragosa Street you will find the Mexican version of Lincoln Hardware.  It's where you go to get things you didn't even know you needed..... like a tortilla press.

For your viewing pleasure I bring you Zeragosa Hardware.

The front counter.
Tortilla presses and Machetes.
Bird cages hung from the ceiling.
But you ask what if I break my axe handle?  They've got you covered.  Right over here, amigo.

Right under stone bowls and baskets are Axe handles
Need a metal watering can or a scale?
Cutting boards and big buckets.
Or a BBQ made from a wheel.... only 385 pesos.
Blue cooking pans.
Or the metal spoons to go with them....
Small spoon 6 pesos or 45 cents.
Need to clean a bottle?
Enough rope to hang someone.
Funnels and pans.
Even bins of nuts and bolts.
And who doesn't need a dried gourd.... they're hanging from the ceiling.
My treasures today.
What did I bring home today?  A new tortilla press and two kitchen knifes.  The small knife was 35 pesos or about $2.40.  The metal tortilla press was 118 pesos or $8.02.  I know I'm a big spender but think what I will save making my own tortillas.

We are making Arrachara (steak) tacos tonight so I will be able to try out my new press.  Cool.

Life is very good..... homemade tortillas.


  1. I can't believe we spent a whole week there and didn't get to try your tortillas!

  2. Dad, I am currently shaking my head, wondering about all those times you've called me weird. Where do you think I possibly get it from? ;-)

    Great post!