Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Normal Winter Life in Mazatlan

From the Day of the Dead celebration last night.
We are back to our normal Winter life as we begin our fourth year as snowbirds here in Mazatlan.  New folks are arriving every day and soon there will be 25,000 Americans and Canadians calling our town their home for the Winter.

This means a great life of music, dining with friends, beach walks with Eva and time for me to paint.  We've already done a little of each in our first week home.

Painted-up for the evening out.
We had a good Mexican dinner last night in the Machado before the parade began.  The weather has been warm all week (87,88 or 89) so it was pleasant when it was in the low 80's for the festivities last night.  Brother Dave and SIL Jamie along with friends Marie and Don enjoyed our evening out on the town.  It was a fun Day of the Dead.

Sunset at the beach during music on Thursday.

Enchiladas for dinner one night. 
It's feeling good to be home after a busy Spring and Summer.  I am working on my "Nap" abilities and should have it back in order soon.  I will then work on "Lazy" until I get that down pat.  The only hindrance is we are busy having fun.

When I get brave I will tell the story of our stay at the "NoTell Motel" on our drive down to Mazatlan.  I am working on the story in my mind and can  assure you that it will contain mostly the truth with a few imagined features like the mirrors on the ceiling.  A true Mexican adventure.

Life is good from up on our deck.

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  1. I'd love to "pick your brain" on wintering in Mexico! We just began our fulltime adventures in June and are learning a lot. But, would like to find a warm, sunny place to be where we can learn more about life. Any info would be greatly appreciated!