Monday, March 2, 2015

Fine Art and Blown Glass

First a picture of our new oil painting.  I liked the little girl dancing.  Happy feet have always pleased me.

"Happy Feet" by Russ Ranger.
This is my latest painting, I switched from watercolor to oil painting for this one.  Turns out that I really enjoy oils and have already started another painting.  Now I paint watercolors on Friday with the "women's painting group."  I am their token male and after two years they don't even notice I am there when they start talking.  I'm just the quiet one at the end of the table.

On Mondays I paint with a different group of women.  Tikio is a Mazatlán painter that teaches and instructs a class on Monday mornings.  He is the artist that painted this large canvas we have in our dining room.  It's a honor and very educational to be able to paint with him.

Tikio painting.
I've got the blown glass and other things up and displayed from last weeks trip to Guadalajara.  The orange glass bowl is in our entryway.  I was happy that it made it home in one piece.  350 miles of Mexican highway can bounce things around.

The new blown glass fixture over the dining room table looks great at night.  We're still deciding the height and have tried several different light bulbs to see which works best.  The Mexican government has restricted the sale of incandescent light bulbs, so it is hard to find what I want.

Still a work in progress.
 The last project was wiring and hanging 7 light fixtures on our outdoor deck.  We're both happy with the results.  We sparkle at night.

Stary, stary night.
The glass marbles add a touch of color.
Eva and Sara beach walking.
This is the last full day for my sister Sara's visit.  It has been great having her visit for 38 days.  I'm sure she is ready to get back to Seattle to see her grandson, Otto.

Next to visit will be our eldest daughter and her husband.  They are bringing friends so it will be a full house on April 2nd.

Life is good in Mazatlán.

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