Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Life has turned very quiet here with no guests.  We are enjoying this time and our regular routine.  We had a cold spell for a few days where it was in the mid to high 70's.  The Mexican all bundled up but I suffered along in my t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

The excitement for today was my third grade ESL class.  Sheila and I teach about 30 kids in a public school in a poor part of town.  Sheila was a teacher in Gig Harbor in her working career so she actually knows what she is doing.  I'm the bouncer, I keep the boys in line.  Some days that is not an easy job.

One of my favorite students.

Sheila in action.
Today we had an extra helper along.  Marcy has taught before and was a big help.

Marcy helping the kids.
It was a good class today.  Here are a bunch of picture of our students.

The kids all share a desk.

Most of the kids wear a standard school uniform in public school.
But on a cool day (80 degrees) they may have a sweater over to keep warm.

The kids follow us out of class for hugs and to get in a group photo.
The kids learn really fast and when we show up for class they are all excited to try out their English on us.  It's great to be teacher Rrrooosss (remember to roll that R).

Terri attracted a group of good looking young men in front of the theater the other night.
Looking down on Olas Altas (the oldest part of town) the other night.
We end with another sunset on a cloudless evening.  The colors faded for a really long time tonight.

Life is very good in a lazy kind of way.

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