Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smelly Dog, Oh Smelly Dog

It was a beautiful morning so we drove to Cerritos and had breakfast at Looney Bean.  Eva the wonderdog was excited because she knew that beach running always follows breakfast.  We sat outside and enjoyed our oatmeal and bagels, it was already a warm day by 9:00 am.

Eva returns her fetch stick.

As usual she was running into the surf and in a short time was a sandy wet dog.  That's normal and we are used to her love of water.  The bad part comes in a bit.

Terri continued to throw Eva's stick until she had her worn out.  Or so we thought.  As we began our return walk down the beach Eva raced ahead.  I knew what was about to happen.  A had seen several Buzzards on the beach picking at a dead fish as we walked by the first time.  As I watched down the beach the Buzzards took to the air as Eva raced toward them.  Terri began to run toward them.

It was to late.

Eva had gotten to the dead fish parts and was busy rolling in the sand as the buzzards circled overhead.  I wasn't that worried about the Buzzards and Eva, she can scare any buzzard that messes with her.  I was worried how she would smell after rolling in dead fish.

Smelly dog, oh smelly dog.

She may look really happy with herself, but we weren't that happy with how she smelled.  Dead fish is not a great smell for the car ride home. 

We kept all the windows down.

She looks and smells better after 3 shampooings and a bunch of scrubbing.  Dumb dog.

Another good day at the beach if you don't count the smelly dog incident.  Life is good even with a dumb dog.



  2. I wasn't sure everyone would get the reference, but I knew you would.
    Love you, Dad