Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pink Floyd Anyone?

We are going to a concert tonight.  I can think of only one song by Pink Floyd so it will be interesting to see if we enjoy the concert.  We know Alexis, one of the guitar players in the band, he and his wife and three boys watched Eva when we went to Guadalajara a few weeks ago.

The outdoor concert is at the Mazatl├ín International Center which is in our Marina neighborhood.  We went there to pick-up tickets today.

After we purchased our tickets we wandered around the convention center to see the set-up for tonights concert.  It looks like a big bash.

The outdoor stage and bleachers in a panorama shot.
The stage is big enough to hold the symphony, choral and the Pink Floyd Band.
After seeing the concert area we wandered further into the convention center.  We could hear sounds coming from down a hallway.  That was our invitation to go snooping. When you are old and gray you can walk anywhere without anyone questioning you.

Let's go that way.
We opened a closed door.  There was a full symphony orchestra practicing in there.  What to do?  Walk in like you own the place, why not?  I have gray hair, I can go anywhere I want.

The music was great.  Nothing like a 100 people in the back-up band.
Alexis singing and playing.
Alexis is an amazing guitar player and it will be fun to see our friend in action tonight. We listen to him play almost every week, but never with a hundred back-up musicians.  He is the nicest young man and has a wonderful family. 

3 String Basses and a hand full of Cellos. 
At least a half dozen French Horns fill out the brass section.
3 or 4 dozen string players.
Some of the band members.  They must have thought I was the press, they posed for me.
I guess I am the press.   I write a blog, don't I?
From what we heard this afternoon it will be a powerful evening of great music.  It all starts at 8:00 tonight.  The weather has been perfect for an evening outdoor concert, it will be in the low 70's and stars will be out.

One of many murals in the  convention center.
Of course life is good.

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