Saturday, November 15, 2014

Baseball - Mexican Style

The Mazatlán Venados play baseball just like any other team.  It's what goes on all around the stadium that sets Mexican baseball apart from what we know as baseball.  At times it can seem more like a circus than a ball game.

Winter league triple A teams can have 5 major league players.  These are usually players that are on there way up to the majors and the American teams want them to play all Winter to improve their skills.  A few years ago we saw Pete Rose Jr. trying to make his way into the majors.  My guess is he wasn't going to be the player his dad had been.

The stadium is like one big billboard.
Our annual picture in front of the Venados statue.
Our team did not play a great game, 5 errors.  We lost 6-2 to the team from Hermosillo.  So we concentrated on the circus part of the game.

The dear had preformed his striptease.
 It is a little known fact, Spandex sells.  It must be true because many companies have young ladies wearing Spandex to advertise their businesses.  Don't these two young ladies make you want to rush to their gas station.

Advertising in action.

Brother Dave grabbed a t-shirt that came flying his direction.  He'll now need to listen to MEJOR 102.7 radio while wearing his new attire.

The girls watching the game.
A warm evening, even after the sunset.
Win or lose, it was a good time...... Life is good.

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