Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mr. Russ - Tour Guide

Sister Sara, cousin Carol and friend Carol wanted to go to El Centro yesterday, so we all hopped on the 10 pesos bus and headed into downtown.  We started in the market and went from there.

We visited the cathedral downtown.

That's my sister walking down the isle, she's not in a wedding dress but she is carrying fabric she had purchased earlier.

I love the changing colors from the stained glass windows.
Sara and Carol with an old man.
We stopped and listened to her play.  Not bad for a dead lady.

We stopped and had lunch at a 'new to me' restaurant.  The only problem was that the waiter spoke very little English so we used the "point and hope" method of ordering.  It all turned out great.  I had a dish I had never eaten, I wish I could remember the name.

The typical sombrero photo. 
We ended the tour by visiting several galleries as we worked our way to Olas Altas where we caught a bus back home.

This morning Dave and I went downtown to the "Shrimp Ladies" to purchase the shrimp for tonight's big dinner.  We got 4 kilos of shrimp (8.8 pounds) to feed the 11 people coming to dinner at our condo tonight.  Pictures of the annual event will be in the next blog.

My brother Dave negotiating the deal.  The price dropped 3 times until we bought.
4 kilos cost 440 pesos or $4.13 per pound.

Life is good.....I'll see how many shrimp I can eat tonight.... a lot is my guess.

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