Monday, November 24, 2014

What's Happening

We have fallen into our Winter routine; beach walking, shared meals with friends, listening to good music several nights each week, practicing my guitar and cooking good food.  The weather continues to be warm and pleasant with most days topping out in the low 80's and the humidity has gone away.

In the last week we have done a couple of late evening walks with my brother Dave and SIL Jamie.  One walk was a 3 mile stroll thru the older parts of town and finished with a mile of the Pacific ocean boardwalk.  After dark the boardwalk is lined with a hundred vendors, most selling food.  There are hundreds of locals, mostly families, out walking and enjoying the cooler evening breezes.

We stopped and had a hot pastry with strawberry jam.
It was similar to a crumpet from Pike Place Market in Seattle.
The gazebo in Macardo Square getting ready for live music.
Almost every evening there is music in this square.
Also great people watching.
Convert your motorcycle into a business.
Dave and Jamie go back home to Bremerton today.  They've enjoyed their month here and are already planning to stay longer next year.  Dave will be line dancing this morning over on the island across from our condo, he needed one last chance to dance with all those Canadian women.

One last evening of music on the Isla.
This weekend was one of the big sports fishing tournaments in the Marina.  We walked down a few hundred yards to see what the boats were bringing in.  The big Marlin were over 300 pounds.  The prizes were lots of pesos and 5 or 6 new cars.  It's a big competition with big prizes.

Big fish.
People in Mazatlán love to have parades and protests.  There are dozens throughout the year.  The big parades last for hours.  The other evening as we were walking through downtown we were treated to a parade with hundreds of Catholic nuns.  I'm not kidding.  I'm not sure whether they were celebrating or protesting but the nuns had "taken to the streets".  Cool.

Nuns and monks marching.
Life is good in the sun.  Eva is happy.  Can't ask for much more.
Eva and Terri enjoying their beach time.
Just another sunset.

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