Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Swirl of Color

November visitors' season is over.  The weather is beautiful here but for some reason everyone has gone home to the rain in Washington state.  It's hard to understand.

This years visiting family were: cousin Sandi, brother Dave and SIL Jamie, sister Sara and her kids Sam and Laura.  Friends Roy and Micky and their daughter Caprea and SIL Rob.  It's always fun having visitors in town during November.

Not alot to say today so I'll show you pictures.

Sam and Laura walking around in Centro.  Best garage door ever.
Pretty Mexican girl.
Dancing girls.
Just another sunset from our deck.
Fireworks through an open roof.
A happy Roy and Micki.
Brother Dave looking good.  Nice hat.
Sara and Terri at Kiwi's for lunch.  Sara's last Torta for the year.
Dinner at Aca los Charros.
The building exploded in fireworks to announce the sky full of fireworks.

Aca los Charros has an open roof for viewing the sky....or fireworks.

Life is a swirl of colors in Mexico.....life is good.

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