Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Carnival

You know when you see the figures go up along the Malacon that the city of Mazatlán is getting ready for Carnival.  Tonight Sara, Joanne, Chris, Terri and I went for an evening drive and stopped at each character along the waterfront.

These forty foot tall figures are spaced along the 5 mile Malacon/beach drive.  Each year the figures change so it's fun to see what has been created for us.  I'll write more about Carnival when it starts in February.  It's a wild week here in Mazatlán.

Sara and Chris are holding up the mushroom for this kid.

Our car parked in front of this sea creature.
Another good day in Mazatlán with my sister and her friends visiting.  Sara will be here for 38 days, Joanne for 10 days and Chris for 6 days.  We'll be eating well and having a good time as usual. 

Life is good.
Here's a picture of Terri as we walked the Malacon last week.
Five miles of white sand beach.

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