Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ordinary Life

Life is very ordinary for us this week.  We have no visitors in town so we are enjoying the nice weather, a beautiful beach, great music and cooking good meals.  It's not a bad life.

Lunch out on the deck.  Turkey sandwiches, chips and salsa and guacamole, ice tea and a warm ocean breeze.
 My third grade class was a little wild today but they calmed down and continue to learn English.  They are learning quickly.  I wish I could learn Spanish at that same rate.  Perhaps they are smarter than me.

The girls all had sweaters on today.... it must have been cold...in the low 80's.
Last night we went four different places to listen to music.  We ended the evening back at one of our usual places listening to a Canadian group "Rob and the Troubadours" playing old rock and roll.  We even danced a little, sort of exercise for old people.

Sunday we enjoyed the Seahawk game and yelled and screamed with other Seahawk fans here in Mazatlán.  The Seahawks have moved up to the super bowl on this billboard in our neighborhood.  Go Hawks!!

Playing with my camera.... a panorama of Marina Mazatlán from our deck.
Another awesome sunset this evening.
When you see the colors building you know that something good is about to happen.
In the end it fades to darkness.
A nice end to another fine day.  Life is good.

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