Saturday, January 17, 2015

Very Good Music in Mazatlan

Last night we attended the third in a series of country music concerts.  There are more Canadians that winter in Mazatlán than Americans, therefore many Canadian country singers visit and perform during the Winter season.

Michelle Wright was the headliner.  She has 3 gold records and 2 double platinum records and was a top female vocalist for the Academy of Country Music.  She was great and we enjoyed her performance.  She has written a bunch of really good songs and we all enjoy hearing them live.

She was joined by Patricia Conroy and Beverley Mahood, each great song writers and singers.

Local singers Brent Mcathey and Tanya Carrum were the openers for the concert.  It was a sold out crowd and the location at Playa Mazatlán was beautiful. There was a full buffet dinner before the show and we all agreed that the dinner was as good as the music that followed.  It was another great evening.

Canadian "Brenster" has been singing in Mazatlán
for the past 10 years.
Tanya is from Mexico City.

The 3 Amigas singing in a beautiful location.

Life is good and the music here is great.

On one of the last days of Sean and Charity's visit we drove to Concordia to wander around this small country town.  It is up in the Sierra Nevada Mountians so it looks a little different than our coastal city.

  A street in Concordia.
 The old church in Concordia.  An easy day trip from Mazatlán
Daughter Charity and Sean posing inside the cathedral.
Charity and Lucy parallel parked across from the town square.
Sitting in the town square in Concordia.

Life is good in Concordia or anywhere that it's 80 degrees every Winter day.


  1. Why didn't Sean and Charity sit in the huge rocking chair??

  2. They were setting-up for a concert in the park that evening, so we didn't go to that side of the square. I would have loved to stay for the music but driving a curvy mountain road after dark wasn't a good idea.