Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beginning Paris

Parisian Jazz over the Seine River
We're in Paris for 7 days.  We love the subway system and have begun exploring the city.  I keep telling Terri that it looks just like Paris here and people really speak French.  Duh.  I don't care, it's just too cool.

They have amazing architecture every where, they have street musicians, they have a ton of sidewalk cafes, they even have French bakeries.  I'm already having to much  fun.

Eating French bread in front of Notre Dame Cathedral.
More photos to come, but it's time to do some walking.  After arrival yesterday we walked 6.6 miles.

Guess what Terri is drinking?
Life is good.  More blog tonight.

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  1. Hope Terri has a glass and f Champagne for me ������