Friday, May 27, 2016

The PLAN - France & Italy

We said our goodbyes to Dave and Jamie in Brussels.
So here's the plan for the next six and a half weeks.  During a free day last week in Brussels we sat down and penciled out a plan for France and Italy.  We had a map that sister Sara had given us from one of her previous trips to Europe.  Between Sara's markings on the map and Dianna's advise we've chosen our 13 stops for the next 46 days.

So here's our plan:

Paris - North City - 5 days - May 25-30
Paris - Center City - 2 days - May 30-June 1
    High speed train to Italy.
Genoa  -  4 days - June 1 - 5
Cinque Terra - 2 days - Corniglia - June 5-7
Cinque Terra - 4 days - Monarola - June 6-11
Pisa - train stop visit
Siena - 2 days - June 11-13
Rome - 5 days - June 13-18
Sorrento/ Capri/Positano - 7 days June 18-21
Assisi - 1 day - June 25-26
Florence - 3 days - June 26-29
Venice -  4 days - June 29 - July 2
Verona - 3 days - July 2-5
Geneva, Switzerland - 2 days July 5-7

After we had our basic plan in place I sat down at my laptop and booked AirBnB's for the first 11 locations.  The Bed and Breakfast places varied in price but they averaged out to $64.30 per night over the month.  Almost all are private homes with a few being businesses.  So far we have enjoyed talking with the owners.  I thinks it will make the trip more personal as we go along.

Here are a few pictures that I skipped over as we were getting ready to leave Brussels.  Dave and Jamie had found the statue of Mannekin Pis near their hotel so they took us to see the infamous statue.

That's the young Mr. Pis peeing over my shoulder.  Not on my shoulder.

It's really the least impressive statue in Europe.  But it is funny, in a kids kind of humor.

It's time to take off exploring Paris.  Life is good.


  1. Don't forget to hit Sermoneta between Rome and Sorrento. It is just NE of Latina which is less than an hour from Rome.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful six weeks. Enjoy my friends. I continue to look forward to your pictures and blog.