Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Like Linz

We  cruised on a Rhine River boat to the village of Linz today.  This small town was started in 874 so the history here was great.  It was a 2.5 hour boat ride up river passing many manors and castles.  We had 4 hours to explore and eat our way through Linz.

Passing through the gate into town.
Most the original wall around the village is gone now but we found several parts as we wandered.

One of the corner towers from the wall was up this street.
We found a square to sit and have a German lunch.  The best food here is not German food but just like at home it is all the other countries that provide the best food.

German food.... not my favorite.
But the accordion music was outstanding.

We walked to the highest part of the town to visit St. Martin Church which was built in the 13 century.  I liked the simple interior and the painting on the walls.

There is hardly a straight street in town. The village grew following the curves of the countryside.  It always left me wondering what was around the next corner.

And to go with the crooked streets they had crooked houses.  I loved that I could not find a straight, perpendicular or level line in this whole house.

I could live in a house like this.
Where ever several streets met there would be a plaza with a fountain.

We found a graveyard to walk through which is normal for us.  The difference here was the age of the occupants.  The USA does have quite the same history.

We walked five miles and were ready for the boat ride home.  This is the view as we sat in the front dining room.

Life is good along the Rhine.

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