Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eiffel Tower & du Louve

We have been the typical Paris tourists the last two days.  We understand the subway and are getting around fine.  We have sat in sidewalk cafes, wandered the curving streets, enjoyed many different nationalities of food and even been lost a few times. 

We seem to have a 5-6 mile limit on our walking.  Each day when we get tired we come back to the AirBnB and take a nap before venturing out for the evening.  Dinner last night was Thai and lunch today was Turkish.  We never know until we see "it" what we will eat.  Dinner tonight is still a mystery.

Arc de  Triomphe
 This morning we were up earlier than normal in order to be at the Louvre Museum early.  Most of our 5 miles this morning was spent walking the halls of the best museum in the world.  We saw all the great art and I'm sure that Mona Lisa winked at me.  Every great artist is on display there, but the early Dutch painters are still my favorite.  Each painting is like a photograph with a story inside it.

Terri having croissants and a mocha on a sunny morning at the Louvre.
I didn't shoot a lot of photos this morning, we were to busy enjoying all that was to be seen.  Sometimes it's best for us to just absorb it all.

And no trip to Paris would be complete without the Eiffel Tower shot below.

Terri holding down the tower.... or is she going to tip it over?
Life is good.... the old people are having fun.

Hydrangeas in Paris.... my Mom would like this. 

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  1. The hydrangeas are beautiful. Your pictures are amazing. I really thank you for sharing your adventure!