Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Few Bicyclists

Terri and Wonerdog
We hit a little hiccup in our travels to Austin, Texas today.  Everything went fine until we reached the outskirts of town.  Suddenly there were a zillion bicyclists coming toward us on the "Farm Road" we were headed down.  We thought this would only last a few minutes.  How many bikes can there be?

Turns out the answer is a lot. 

I started looking at the numbers pinned on each person.  Right away I see 14,000 on one person.  It turned out to be the Houston to Austin two day ride.

The largest ride in North America.

Here's the official press release:   The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising cycling ride organized by the National MS Society: Lone Star. This ride is the largest event of its kind in North America. The ride is a two day, 180-mile journey for MS from Houston to Austin.

Luckily we were going the opposite direction down this two lane country road.  Our lane was open and moving along at 30-40MPH and every intersection was monitored by a sheriff or policeman.  We had clear sailing to the county park we were headed toward.  It still added an hour to our drive.

14,000 bikes make a really long line.

We're settled into North Shore County Park on Lake Bastrop.  We intended to be closer into the city but a few bicyclist got there first.  We decided not to go anywhere for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow we will "Go To Town".

Oh my, Cacti.

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