Monday, April 21, 2014

Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

We ate dinner here.  An Anthony Bourdian favorite place.
Catfish and Shrimp.  It was very, very good.
The Blues Brothers????
There they are.
Music everywhere.

Gator Gumbo anyone?
For Phoebe, Trin and Charity.... gotta love tie-dye.
Neon nights.
Even old signs.
More signs per mile than anywhere.
Beer run!  Be Back.......
It was another great day in NOLA.
We will be extending our stay here, to much left to be seen and heard.


  1. There is no place like New Orleans. Don't forget to try crab claws if you see them on a menu. Yum. and a hush puppy too.

  2. mmm... hush puppies. A now-gone restaurant in Seattle had vegan ones. I miss them so! :(

  3. I'll eat a hush puppy, just don't tell Eva.