Friday, April 25, 2014

Peace, Peace

A simple marker with the soldiers home state.
Iron gates leading into the cemetery.
Aged makers are now difficult to read.
It was a somber beginning to our day as we visited the Chalmette Battlefield graveyard.  This graveyard is next to the field that was the site of the last conflict of the War of 1812.  The Battle of New Orleans was the last defeat of the British after they had invaded Washington DC and burned down the White house.  General Jackson, with half the troops that the British had, won the battle with 17 U.S. causalities.  The British lost over 2,000 troops.

The British withdrew after the defeat and the war ended.

Over 2,000 men died in this field.
This monument overlooks the battlefield.
We climbed the circular staircase to the top of this monument to view the battlefield.  Terri led the way, I huffed and puffed behind her.  She kept asking if I was coming.  I wheezed "Yes".

Time to head down.
A view out to the Mississippi.
This sad commentary sort of wraps up the mess of our country at that time.
We followed all this with a trip into the French Quarter.  It was a much more joyous end to our day.  Photos and details will come in the next blog.

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