Monday, April 28, 2014

Down on the Bayou

Yesterday was a travel day as we moved on to Mississippi.  Sister-in-Law, Jamie Ranger, who was born and raised in Mississippi told us to use state highway 90.  She was right, it is a scenic road that winds through small towns and the bayou/swamps of the delta.

Traveling State Highway 90.
As we reached the gulf coast we were surprised to see brilliant white sand beaches. We drove the 26 miles of beautiful waterfront until we reached Biloxi.  The Davis Bayou National Park campground is just a few miles down the road in Ocean Springs.  The town was established in 1699.

Lovelace Drugstore in old downtown Ocean Springs.
We went into the soda fountain and had ice cream.
Davis Bayou is a great campground.  Being part of the National Park Service, it is in a location that stands out when compared to most places.  The bayou surrounds the campground and weaves through the hundreds of acres here.

Another suggestion from Jamie was to eat at the Shed, home to world famous BBQ.

The Shed...... I'm sure it has never had a building inspection done.  It's pieces nailed together to make a BBQ joint.
The bar.
The dining room has upgraded to gravel floors.
The building doesn't matter if the food is good.
After lunch we visited downtown Biloxi.  It's wall to wall casinos, 12 to be exact.  I liked the harbor with the fishing boats best.  More my style.

They have a fishing fleet moored right in front of a casino.  It is definitely the best part of the downtown waterfront.  Casinos may come and go.....but a good looking fishing boat is a part of history.  They were smart enough to save the best.

As in all tourist towns, they have schmaltzy t-shirt shops.  Here I am in front of a big one.  Or should I say entering one.

A warning sign as we enter the park.
Watch out for turtles.
We may be staying here for a few extra days.  They are expecting "sever weather" in Mississippi.  I think we will spend time in a beautiful park instead of trying to drive through a storm.  We've been assured that tornados don't occur in this county, just hurricanes.  As I sit here the TV shows a map of the state, we aren't in a yellow or red county,  we're in a green county.  The county next to us is yellow.

Life is tornados....and we haven't run over a turtle.

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