Friday, April 11, 2014

Remember the Alamo and Your Wifes Birthday

The Alamo
Texans are a little different than the rest of us.  I'm pretty sure that their loyalties are to their state first, than the USA.  The Texas state flag flies alone most of the time and the bigger the better.  The signs along the highways say, "Don't Mess With Texas".  Is that just to keep us foreigner slightly scared?

Three "Rangers",  two Texans, one Washingtonian.
I have to say that they have been great to us.  Plenty of Y'alls and Ma'ams.  And they are throwing a huge party to celebrate our arrival.  "Fiesta" is an 18 day celebration that began yesterday.  They even had fireworks over the Alamo for us.  It was the first time in 123 years that they had done this.  We must be pretty special.

We met up with friends Tom and Diana Makins from Gig Harbor last night for dinner.  BBQ on the river walk was very nice.  Sitting in the sun on a warm evening visiting with them and their friends was exactly how life should be.

Tom's ribs.  Ribs are even bigger in Texas.
My dinner was big enough to feed two.
After dinner we went to a concert in Alamo Park.

We were not dressed correctly for the evening but we all had a great time.
Terri and I will be going back into town today to see the sights and celebrate her 61st birthday which is today.  Most women aren't wild about birthdays or gaining another year, but as she says, "after cancer every birthday is great".
Teddy Roosevelt

In our wandering last night Tom found the Menger Bar.  It is famous in Texas as the place that Roosevelt recruited his "Rough Riders".  Somehow a bar in Texas seem a perfectly normal place to do military recruiting.
Est. 1859.  This bar has stood the test of time and history.
The Rough Riders.  The guy to the left of Teddy looks just like John Wayne.  Maybe all Texans look like Wayne.
And for my final photo:  My dear wife Terri standing over the River Walk.
Love this girl.
 Life is very, very good.

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