Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thank You Soldiers

The dog passes the hat for its' musical performers.

Yesterday afternoon was filled with music.  As we wandered the French Quarter we saw a wide variety of musicians and street performers.

A silver singer.
Mostly loud, not in tune.  But still colorful.
Terri's favorite for the day.  Swamp-a-Billy Cajun Jazz.
So good she sat on the curb with her feet in the gutter.
The French Quarter is not all restaurants and businesses.  It is home to thousands of people.  This is where they live.

Subtle would not be a choice in picking your homes colors.  And it is even better if you do a little home decorating on the outside.

You may notice that some of the homes have two front doors.  That is because they are two skinny side by side residences.  The local name for them is "Shotgun Houses".  They say if you opened the front and back doors you could shoot a shotgun right through them.  They have no hallways.  Most are 10 or 12 feet wide and 50 or 60 feet long.  We've seen thousand of them in our driving the neighborhoods.

A suggestion for your home?

As usual we had an exceptional dinner on the outskirts of the French Quarter.  We asked a local standing on the corner where his favorite place was.  "Pralines" was his recommendation.  He was right, it was great.  The filee' gumbo, catfish and shrimp etouffee' were all wonderful.

It has been a wise decision to extend our stay here to 10 days.  Every day should be an etouffee' day.

Now for todays unclassifiable photos:

Just another doorway.
Gator anyone?
A little gold for Joan of Arc.
Walk like a New Orlean.
My funeral carriage.

Root beer from a paper bag.
Just like a local.
Still sober after 62 years.
A root beer "selfy".

And on a final note.  The picture I am currently using as my Header Photo was taken on the battlefield we visited yesterday.  A somber thought, wild flowers growing where thousands gave their life's.

Life is good.  Thank you soldiers.

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  1. Now THAT'S what I call decorating!! I think I would fit in nicely.