Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oliver Lee State Park - New Mexico

This will be our third night at Oliver Lee State Park.  It is another very good state park, an amazing location at the foot of a mountain range.  The view out each window is amazing, 180 degrees of mountains out the front and living room windows and the desert out the other side. 

Wednesday we visited the White Sands National Monument.  It was pure bright white sand dunes as far as the eye could see.  Between the dunes was desert vegetation which provided a stark contrast in colors.

Yesterday a big wind storm blew in.  As the winds built we could see the dust storm coming from the desert floor below.  It got darker and visibility became limited.  By evening we could no longer see the valley.  We could not see the other campers about 500 feet away at the peak of the storm.  Needless to say we were closed up tight in the RV.  The TV evening news said winds in our area were close to 50MPH and the pass we had driven through on Tuesday was getting 80MPH gusts.

At 50MPH the RV was rocking and the sounds had Eva spooked.  She thought a few barks would bring the storm in line.  It didn't work.  

This morning the wind storm had passed and we did a short hike up the ravine in the park.  A small creek offers the sound of falling water as we walked.  It was a short hike and we decided to just be lazy for the rest of the day.

We are learning to find the correct mix of activity and being laid back.  With the view we have it is easy to just sit and enjoy the ever changing view out our windows.  I like evenings best as the shadows change on the cliff walls constantly.

It's clear tonight so we are hoping for a great sunset on our final sundown here.  We are off to Brantley Lake State Park tomorrow morning.  We have heard that it is another great New Mexico State Park.  It may be time to break out the kayak for a little rowing on the lake.

Due to the dog eating my cable I still can't download photos so I have been posting a few to Facebook.

Life is good.

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