Sunday, May 25, 2014

10,000....Who Are You?

I've had 10,000 pageviews of my blog as of  last night at 10:00pm.  The blogger software gives me a daily report by the hour as to how many people are reading my blog.  Last night at ten o'clock there were 15 of you that were online and read the Lone Ranger's Blog.

Congratulations to whoever it was that was number 10,000.  The shiny new car and the round the world vacation will be coming your way soon.

So here's the question.  Who is reading my blog?  I know the numbers but I have no idea who you are?  I don't have that many kids and grandkids.  I don't have that many friends or relatives.  I really am curious, who are you?

Do me a favor and put a comment on the blog or facebook so I can see who's reading.

Happy Campers.

Life is good.

So why do I write "Life is good" almost everyday at the end of my blog?  After Terri's cancer and my open heart surgery we both realize that each new day is a gift.  We laugh and talk about how happy we are to be on the "right side of the sod".  We are both grateful to be alive.

So......Life IS good.


  1. OK, I admit it. I'm probably 5,000 of those views. :-)

  2. And, why are you up at 3:09 am??

  3. Tough and rugged men don't need much sleep. I happen to like 3:09am. The truth is I was to warm and woke up. I did go back to bed for my first nap of the day.

    Guess I'm not that tough.

  4. Jim and Pam Shadoff are following your travels. The pics are great and Russ is a terrific writer, he missed his calling!

    Be safe and have fun!